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[12] Artist: Sailor Shadow | Title: In Honor of 20 Years of Sailor Moon; Sailor Shadow! | Time: 6h 21m
Pic #12

Sailor Shadow @ Friday, December 7th 2012, 12:06 AM
Meandering around looking for inspiration for possibly recoding the site to make it less clusterfuckity, I found that the summer marked the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon.

The new anime begins in Summer of 2013 and I'm really hoping it inspires me to actually sit down and write again. Even if it winds up with a slight revamp, I kinda miss writing Sailor Shadow. :3

[9] Artist: Sailor Shadow | Title: Hanabitaikai - "Fireworks Display" | Time: 9h 54m
Pic #9

Sailor Shadow @ Sunday, May 23rd 2010, 11:43 AM
I really wanted to draw Yukata. I don't really know why, exactly. Maybe it's because I'm hoping Summer gets here really soon. Like now would be nice. I was also kinda going through the Picture Collections on MangaStyle and found Takeuchi-sensei's pics of all the girls in yukata.

Either way, I had a lot of fun with this pic.

Now... Aiko and Sakkaku are not at all thrilled with Kijutsu's antics. Those bandages aren't just for show. You'd think he'd learn not to play with fireworks. >_>; I really should have had Saku sweatdropping at this point... ^^;

Seina learned long ago to stay far, far away from Kijutsu during Fireworks Shows. XD

Kage's yukata is supposed to have little crabs and shells all over it, but I realize now the white crabs kinda look like heads with open mouths or something. X_x;

A few things that aren't clear:
-Robyn's hair is in a braid.
-The image on her glass ornament is a firework and the tag says 'hanabi' in hiragana. (hanabi - 'firework(s)')
-Sakkaku has a sparkler in his hand, not a magic wand. XD;
-The face on Kage's back is her fan. I have no idea why it wound up with a face, but~ it did. o_o;;
- ...>_> Finally, only Kijutsu could get away with wearing a Heart-Print, bright pink yukata with a red obi and not have anyone say a thing to him. ...Primarily because he's an accident waiting to happen. In this case, we are waiting for the giant flaming ball of pink to appear. >_>;

X_X; Yes, it really did take me over 9 hours. Reference pictures, computer acting strange, and distractions while looking for aforementioned refs. XD;
Akurei Nagisa @ Sunday, May 23rd 2010, 12:10 PM
Hot DAMN is this pretty. And when you said "sexy Loki in a yukata" on Twitter, you were not kidding. o.o

This is also the pic you've done with the most detail yet, and it shows. I wish I could do it. D: I have Tite Kubo background skills.

[8] Artist: Sailor Shadow | Title: Toyohira Academy School Arts Festival | Time: 20h 6m
Pic #8

Sailor Shadow @ Sunday, January 17th 2010, 12:27 PM
The gang gathers for a small picnic before the start of the Arts Festival in the late afternoon. Kage wants the potato salad Loki was sitting out, but... so does Janus. >_>; He's HOPING Loki drops that big bowl. XD;

Robyn's just smirking at the craziness behind her as she goes to put up the banner for the festival.

Sakkaku is ignoring the WORLD with his book and iPod. XD;

Kijutsu has booked with Aph's encouragement to take Seina's donuts... Seina, however, seems to be planning something with Aiko to get them back. >_>; Hermes... Well we're not sure what Hermes is planning. ^_^;

I did not get to Shade this as the Oekaki started going all wonky when I had too many layers. >_>; So um... I might shade it later, but... Meh. I like the pic. :3
Akurei Nagisa @ Sunday, January 17th 2010, 11:44 AM
This is really, really pretty and neat. ^^ I like it! Especially how wary poor Loki looks of all this business.

There's a few perspective issues, I won't lie, but the picture as a whole flows really well. And I like the banner...also Kage's outfit. ^_^ Bravo, darling!
Sailor Shadow @ Sunday, January 17th 2010, 11:52 AM
Yeah, I had to redraw Loki, Kage, and Sakkaku like three times... X_X; And I didn't wanna make Ki-baka, Seina, and Aiko too small. >_>;

But tanks. ^^

[7] Artist: Sailor Shadow | Title: Anubis Awakens... | Time: 43m 51s
Pic #7

Sailor Shadow @ Thursday, September 24th 2009, 3:41 AM
Another DDT Pic that's found its way to Ghost... So as to keep it away from revealing too much before it's time. >P

I had... a lot of fun with the blood.

And because of that, I marked it Adult. ^_^;

I only realized after finishing Anubis that he looks insanely close to Sailor Saturn. T_T Which was not my intention.

But y'know... death... kinda... yeah...


*Edits one thing and also to ask...* Why is it the Smilies work on GoaR, but not on the D-Sketcher. T_T? SRSLY.

[6] Artist: Akurei Nagisa | Title: APOPHIS IS ON CRACK | Time: 1h 24m
Pic #6

Akurei Nagisa @ Sunday, August 23rd 2009, 11:43 PM
Yeah, this is bullshit.

But. Uh. I wanted the Nemes-style headdress to still show his hair. And I wanted the little "sun and horns", except it's a TWILIGHT ORB and shit, cause, y'know, God of the Night. Also hence the silver-and-black pattern on the crown. Armor is gold cause he's a vain motherfucker, wears a kilt of indeterminate color, and then there's the giant fucking cloak, which should look like a night sky.

The supposed to be the Oni-Horror, the mutated form of the Oni-Slayers.

(Uploaded by Sailor Shadow)

[5] Artist: Sailor Shadow | Title: Inner Knights | Time: 3h 36m
Pic #5

Sailor Shadow @ Sunday, August 23rd 2009, 11:42 PM
Not really happy with Seina. X_X; And I realize... Kijutsu's hair looks horrible with Aiko leaning on his head. >_>; Sakkaku should really go without his hat more often, his hair isn't that bad... Bah. Overall I like the doodle. My hand hurts now though. XD Also, Tablet was a little twitchy with the Mac and sometimes I got to play "Guess where you actually drew 5 minutes ago?" quite often. But that was even with the mouse, so that was unavoidable. Anyway. Yes. Sakkaku, Seina, Aiko, and Kijutsu. :P Enjoy.

(Uploaded by Sailor Shadow)

[4] Artist: Akurei Nagisa | Title: TEH REI | Time: 51m
Pic #4

Akurei Nagisa @ Sunday, August 23rd 2009, 11:41 PM
Retard Rei sez: "Cocaine is a hell of a drug"

(Uploaded by Sailor Shadow)

[3] Artist: Kai | Title: Kai & Haze | Time: 52m
Pic #3

Kai @ Sunday, August 23rd 2009, 11:40 PM
I'm submitting this now before my comp poofs on me :P Haze came out a little too small O.o;;

Enjoy the animation of what was done before this xD

|Shadow's Edit| I can't figure out how to save the Animation and it's the only thing I've never been able to get working on the D-Sketcher (same Oekaki Engine). So just have fun staring at Kai and Haze.

(Uploaded by Sailor Shadow)

[2] Artist: Sailor Shadow | Title: Bad Morning... | Time: 29m
Pic #2

Sailor Shadow @ Sunday, August 23rd 2009, 11:38 PM
Bored... took a break from working on PHP code and decided to doodle on the Oekaki Board. XD Robyn is very... angry... when the coffeemaker decides to spaz. XD Aph looks in shock at what Robyn apparently did to the busted machine. XD

I told you Robyn and Electronics don't mix. XD *snicker*

(Uploaded by Sailor Shadow)

[1] Artist: Sailor Shadow | Title: Robyn Markius - Autumn Sky | Time: 14h 16m
Pic #1

Sailor Shadow @ Sunday, August 23rd 2009, 11:36 PM
And to start off the Oekaki Board, play with my new tablet, and draw something SM-related after a long time... we have Robyn! Yeah, I noticed I forgot the red bow on the front of her shirt. And yes, I know her hair looks like she took styling lessons from Meiru. XD (Rockman.EXE... Roll's Operator. >_>; )

Overall, I like how this first full image with my new tablet came out. Welcome to Lunar Potato! ^_^ The Oekaki board for LE.

(Uploaded by Sailor Shadow)

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