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Current Episode: #44
"The Secret War: Unexpected Sidetrack."

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First off! I'mma consider this Comic... Web 14!
 Now... ^_^;
-=Fa Teen=- [This comic contains slightly offensive material. High chance of mild swearing, partial nudity, violence and adult themes... And of course horrible jokes. ^_^;]This is a Sprite Comic based on Sailor Moon... Ok, more like just using Sailor Moon Sprites. ^_^; I read too many of these... Almost all Mega Man... I realized my Sprite Collection from the "Another Story" Sailor Moon RPG SNES Game was begging to be put to use. ^^ Along with the Custom Sprites of my character, Sailor Shadow. Who... *waves* ^_^ is me. While it's never stated that the Author MUST appear in their own comic, it seems to be almost expected... Though I'm not really the AUTHOR per se... *>.>* Besides that, I already HAVE the kind of humor found in some of the Sprite Comics out there, reading more of that kind is like adding gasoline to a forest fire... (Which seems to be my favorite line looking at the 'photo' below... ^^;) But... thusly...this thing was spawned. After contemplation, I finally named the Comic after 9 of them. ^^

I'mma warn you that I got rather strange on the second because of what I wanted to say... it's mostly text... and has the title on the comic image...^^;;; I'd found the first two to be way too annoying... and as of Comic 3, there was then a better and permanent format. I took "Sprite Comic Lessons" thanks to Dave at Bob and George (whose Sprite Comic has long-since ended, sadly), fiddled in PSP to get matching settings... and viola. I'm quite dangerous... I already had Mad Graphics Skillz before I took said lessons. *^_~*

Update - 01/12/10
Well um... 6 years later, I finally decide to move the Lunatics to SailorShadow.Com... I guess I should really get working on redoing things... Eh... It'll make it easier if I ever would decide to take up a pixel paintbrush again... But for now, the Sprite Comic is merely archived. Don't expect any new ones right now. I'm not planning on them.

Update - 11/27/04
Damnit. Fixed the image problem on Ep 43. I'd accidentally left it as Comic 42 when I updated the archives. *kicks self*

Update - 01/14/04

Honestly? Unless I mark a date down here, how would you truly know the last time I updated? ^^; I don't date my comics, unlike most automated archival... sites... and such... ^^;;; Meh...

UPDATE - 10/10/03
Bios are up. I'm lazy. I haven't really gotten to the Senshi themselves. Working on it. ^_^; Will update here and there again when I get unlazy. *^^*

UPDATE - um... few months ago. ^^;
Boredom took over and I made the first two into what look like reminder/flashback comics. I linked the strips to the original Comics so you could see the entire thing... And... so that I don't have to figure out how to redo those two into 4-panel comics. x_x If you have a better idea, then tell me. ^^; Dun mean I'll always do it, but I will listen. ^_^ Ja!

McKinna Park .......... "Before"... ^_^;
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